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Carpet steam cleaning

Residential & Commercial Steam cleaning

Our unique process provides you with excellent results without the problems and complications normally associated with a carpet cleaning .
G&G Aussie cleaning has tried many different cleaning processes over the years but we found steam cleaning (hot water extraction) was the best cleaning method for carpets which achieved the best results.

Our system clean thoroughly, but safely by means of our unique process which not only removes them bright, fresh, ph balanced and soft to the touch.
your domestic and comercial carpets will usually dry and be ready to use within 3 to 6 hours.

From $90

Tile and grout cleaning

Tile & grout cleaning

We can make even the grimiest tiles and grouts seem new. The equipment and cleaning chemicals we use are of the highest quality, are safe for your floors, and last for a very long time.

watch the tile lighten up from dirt you never know existed on the tiles you thought were clean. Watch the grout return to the original color. You will feel a great sense of freshness and clean. We will provide professional, prompt and reliable tile and grout cleaning and sealing in your home or business.

have you tried scrubbing the tile and grout only to be disappointed with the results? Once a porous surface like marble, ceramic, or porcelain gets dirty, conventional cleaning products won’t get them clean. Tile & grout GG Aussie cleaning service works equally as well when cleaning any hard surface

From $150

Upholstery steam cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

The upholstery in your home gets a lot of attention from people coming to your home or witch children and pets. Restore the fresh, new and clean look to your upholstery with our cleaning services.

Our cleaning methods and technologies do not harm the fabric of the upholstery and gets back life to it. We have a great knowledge and experience in dealing with different kinds of fabrics used to make upholstery.

We handle the following type of furniture *sofas *chairs *armchairs *recliners and more.

From $99

Water damage

Accident can occur anytime, anywhere unannounced. Water damage is also one such mishap that usually happen so sudden that you hardly had anytime to adopt any mitigation strategies. We at in GG Aussie cleaning are offering emergency water de age restoration in area of Adelaide with experience and reliability. Our objective is to restore your home along with saving as much as possible without any permanent damage .

we are with you during the entire carpet water extraction operation, from beginning to end. Water in large quantities may harm the value of your expensive carpets, thus as a responsible owner, you should call professionals like GG Aussie cleaning as we are the leading professionals of water damage restoration.

From $99

Stain remove

We advanced stain cleaning

Your upholstery and carpets are the reflection of your style, attitude, gratitude and much more. These are some of things that need to be well kept, cleaned and protected. If you don’t act quick the stains become permanent and it become nearly impossible to remove.

our stain removal service can remove any kind of stain from deep layers. Hire our advance stain removal service and have a stain free upholstery and carpets, we are specialists in stain removal of: blood, ink, wine, urine, vomit, grease, wax, shoe polish, nail polish, lipstick, chewing gum, rust, water browning, coffee, tea and more.

we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee so that our customers believe in us whenever they need a cleaning service.

From $30

Rug cleaning

Rugs cleaning

One of the concealed place for bacteria, fungi and germs to live in the beautiful rug you have around the corner of your premises ad it’s way too harmful to your health and the beauty of your premises. Worry not as GG Aussie cleaning services got a solution , we offers:
-a deep clean for rugs
-stain/ wax/bubble removal
-rug restoration

Our extensive experience in this area of business allows us to fully satisfy the customers, our procedures don’t harm the rug quality in any way.
we clean all types of rugs including Persian, silk, shag pile, woolen, nylon, polyester, hand woven oriental rugs. All cleaned at the comfort of your own home.

From $99

Mattress cleaning

Vehicle interior cleaning

Car seats can get just as dirty as our lounges. We spend a lot of time in traffic and often eating our favourite on-the-go snacks including the morning coffee which can result in food and liquid spills. Anyone with pets and children will also be all too familiar with how dirty the car seats can become. Which can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and germs.

if your car upholstery is looking a little worse for wear our certified professionals will deep clean and sanitise your car seats leaving them clean and fresh, we can also clean sanitise car flooring if required.

From $110

Mattress cleaning

while a freshly made bed may be clean, you may be surprised by what lurks underneath. The perfect place for unwanted bed guests to live and breed is in your mattress because they are not only warm and humid, but they also serve as a constant source of food for dust mites and bed bugs that feed on dead skin flakes and blood during the night. An unhealthy mattress can worsen you allergies, such as eczema or asthma when you don’t have regular mattress cleaning.

using our chemical-free, high-tech steam cleaning process we eliminate 99% of bacteria, germs and viruses as well as remove dust, mites, urine, bedbugs and liquid spills resulting in a clean, sanitised, and healthier sleeping environment.

From $99

Commercial steam cleaning

Commercial services

Our commercial cleaning services are available throughout Adelaide. Whether your establishment is large or small, we can confidently handle the cleaning of your carpets and much more.

we understand businesses run at different times and have particular requirements. Therefore, we can create a service that revolves around your needs and time frames. We believe in providing an invaluable cleaning service that is not only cost effective, but also highly customer focused and flexible enough to ensure you receive the solution you really need.

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